Partners, Sponsors, and Allies: Heroes of the Social Business Universe!

#AhaSummit Partners, Sponsors, and Allies
Align your brand with this event experience – the only social media, marketing, and success conference in New Hampshire!

Partners, Sponsors, and Allies of this one-of-a-kind event have a unique opportunity to connect meaningfully with their target market, and to gain tremendous visibility through traditional, online, and social channels before, during, and after the live event at SNHU in Manchester, NH.


The content and energy of the “A-Ha!” Summit fosters a collaborative and engaged environment. It’s the perfect place to strike a chord with the leaders, movers, shakers, mavens, and enterprising professionals of the evolving economy.


Here are the visibility stats from each of the previous Summits held at SNHU:

  • Hundreds of registered attendees (200+ in person, 100+ via Digital Pass)
  • Primary press releases indexed more than 30,000 times in Google
  • News picked up by affiliates of all four major broadcast networks and hundreds of business publications online
  • NH Business Review daily email broadcast, plus print ad and news feature; speaker interviews on New Hampshire Today with Jack Heath
  • Thousands of page views for website and registration pages
  • 100,000+ Facebook impressions
  • Exposure to millions of followers on Twitter
  • Promotion through blog posts, YouTube videos, Facebook and Instagram photos, multiple additional social media platforms, email marketing, and viral sharing by us and by the other Speakers, Panelists, Sponsors, Affiliates, Collaborators, and socially-savvy Attendees


To see the limited number of collaborative opportunities, read on … then email us or call 603-524-5248 to lock in lock in your Partner, Sponsor, or Ally opportunity. Whether it’s something here or something else you’d like to create, we’d love to work with you!


“A-Ha!” Partner Level

Possibility Partner: Yes! Thank you, Epiphanies, Inc.!

Summit Partner: Yes! Thank you, Southern New Hampshire University!

Brand Partner: Yes! Thank you, Flock Marketing!

Global Media Partner: Still available!

Engagement Partner: Yes! Thank you, Constant Contact!

Corporate Partner: Still available!


Partner Level collaborators get the maximum visibility possible from the “A-Ha!” Summit promotions, before, during, and after the live conference.

  • Premier placement on the “A-Ha!” Summit website, Eventbrite registration page, and related promotional material
  • Featured in PR, blog posts, Twitter feeds, Facebook Pages, and email marketing
  • Promotion in YouTube and Facebook pre-event videos, pics, posts, and tweets
  • Recognition during opening ceremonies and throughout the day 
  • Promotion in post-event videos, photos, emails, and other communications, so your visibility lives online long after the event itself
  • Exhibitor booth and 5 complimentary passes
  • Contact list of all attendees
  • Investment: $5,000


“A-Ha!” Sponsor Level

Founding Sponsor: Now available!

Lunch Sponsors (2): Now available!

Print Media Sponsor: Yes! Thank you, New Hampshire Business Review!

Radio Sponsor: Yes! Thank you, New Hampshire Today With Jack Heath!

TV Sponsor: Now available!

Online Sponsor: Now available!

Networking Happy Hour Sponsor: Now available!


Sponsor Level collaborators get focused visibility and recognition for their venture at key points in the Summit timeline.

  • Secondary placement on Summit website, Eventbrite registration page, and related promotional material
  • Featured in PR, blog post, Twitter feeds, Facebook Pages, and email marketing
  • Recognition at relevant times during the event
  • Promotion in post-event press release and attendee communication
  • Exhibitor booth and 3 complimentary passes
  • Contact list of all attendees
  • Investment: $2,500 per “A-Ha!” Sponsor


“A-Ha!” Allies Level

Breakfast Ally: Yes! Thank you, Women Inspiring Women!

Coffee Ally: Now available!

Do Good Ally: Yes! Thank you, The Common Man!

Inspiration Ally: Yes! Thank you, Art!

Music Ally: Yes! Thank you, Jim Tyrrell!

Shuttle Service Ally: Now available!

Swag Bag Ally: Now available!


It couldn’t happen without you! Ally Level collaborators help make the special touches of the Summit possible, and receive targeted recognition in return.

  • Secondary placement on Summit website
  • Featured in blog post, Twitter feed, and Facebook Page
  • Brand identity placement at the event
  • Recognition at relevant time during the event
  • Exhibitor booth and 2 complimentary passes
  • Investment: $1,000 per “A-Ha!” Ally

Ready to Get Involved?

To lock in a Partner, Sponsor, or Ally opportunity, email us or call 603-524-5248. Remember, if there’s a specific initiative you’d like to promote as part of your participation, let us know. We’d love to find ways to weave your work creatively into the Summit storyline with you.


Chance favors the connected mind.
– Steven Johnson