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The “A-Ha!” Social Business Summit is a full-throttle experience designed to help you¬†discover, align, and EVOLVE your social media, marketing, and success mojo and paradigms.

Join us one of two ways:

  1. In person at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, NH (Note: LIVE EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! If you got a ticket, thank you, and we’ll see you there! If not, you can still get access with Option #2…)
  2. Online via Digital Pass from anywhere in the world

This award-winning conference, now in its fifth year, is Friday 11/15 from 9am-4pm, with a free Networking Happy Hour (including apps, cocktails, prizes, socializing, and FUN!) from 4:00pm – 5:30pm, thanks to Dyn, Inc.

(See the official “4-Minute Experience” from last year’s Summit here.)

If you’re a biz owner, entrepreneur, brand champion, marketing maven, community builder, industry leader, mission-driven dreamer, daring doer, or passionate professional of any kind, this one-stop resource is for YOU.

You’ll learn how to succeed in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, interconnected global economy, and how to create new opportunities¬†using the tools and platforms that continue to revolutionize the way we all do business, interact with customers, and change the world.

Thanks to a variety of trailblazing presenters and panelists, you’ll get insights and know-how that’ll super-charge what’s possible for you and your ventures. Think social media, video strategies, online branding, digital engagement, inbound marketing, search engine optimization, mobile integration, content creation, social storytelling, the value of what can’t be measured, and more.

Plus, you’ll see how connecting with influencers, partners, and your ideal audience is easier and more important than ever before.

Go on – leap into possibility!





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